Jennifer Gerace is the founder of  equine dentistry for life,  extensively trained in her craft, Jennifer provides dental maintenance care for horses in California and South Carolina working  with veterinarians to determine the best care for your horse.

Because of the natural alignment of their jaws, horses do not evenly wear down their teeth and their teeth need to be filed, or “floated,” every six to 12 months in order to prevent or remove fang-like “points” on the horse’s molars.  These points may cause serious problems as they prevent the horse from effectively grinding food using his natural lateral chewing motion.  This may prevent the horse from properly digesting food and may lead to reductions in the horse’s weight and overall health.  The removal of points in order to smooth the surfaces or “tables” of a horse’s molars is relatively simple to accomplish, requiring hand-eye coordination and the ability to recognize straight or abnormally curved lines by feel or sight. 

Jennifer Gerace provides comprehensive equine dental maintenance services throughout California.   

Routine dental maintenance is the key to optimum oral health and longevity of your horse.  Regardless of whether your horse is a competitive athlete or a back yard pet,  all horses require routine dental maintenance.. just as they require hoof care.

A full mouth dental equilibration (balancing) also referred to as "floating"  is essential.  We provide you with a detailed blueprint of your horses mouth that will help you to better understand what makes him unique.

We believe that prevention is the key to a healthy mouth.  

Working with veterinarians to solve dental problems while improving health, comfort and performance of your horse.

Gerace is an active member of the IAED, (International Association of Equine Dentistry) and IGFP, (German Equine Dental Congress) 


It is illegal for a  lay dentist / equine dental technician to work without a veterinarian present during a dental examination or routine float in the state of California and and many other states. This law protects horses from people that are not qualified in dentistry.  Even If your lay dentist is using hand floats without sedation and without the presence of a licensed veterinarian in the state of California, they are breaking the law.